Are you tired of buying & building links that just don't work?

Upset with the so-called "quality links" that are not exactly quality?

Are you looking for Diversified, Powerful and SERP Shaking Links?

Data driven SEO package that can make a difference.

Serpification is not some randomly put together type of SEO package that won't even lift your site an inch. We analyse, plan and carefully execute your SEO campaign in great depth, in short:

We don't randomly send links to your site with exact/partial match anchors, we thoroughly go through your links profile and come up with the best anchors cloud to be used for your campaigns which includes generic, branded and naked anchors.

I was very fortunate to have purchased the Platinum Package and I am extremely pleased with the service and results. I can say that I have been very impressed with the service and I have no doubt that it will become one of those services that can be relied on.

Communication via email and Skype was outstanding.

I used a test site without any on-page SEO because I wanted to see what issues would be identified. The Platinum Package exceeded my expectations, all issues were identified with both the website and technical audit. I also received many recommendations for better ranking.

These were more than just tool run reports, and it is clear that he spent time actually looking at the site to see what could be improved and made excellent recommendations.

The link report was comprehensive and links were of good quality. I have no doubt that this service will help you rank.

The Platinum Package offers excellent value for money. I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending that you give it a try. I will definitely be using the service again.

Thank you for an excellent work and all the best with the service. It deserves to be a success.

I purchased the Platinum Package and I got the report a little under a month and today I would like to give my review. So I checked back on the report and checked on ranking changes and here is my review:

1. First of all, I would say that he is very knowledgeable when it comes to SEO. Once, I have placed the order for Platinum Package, he went into a lot of detail on the setup. He looked at the website, the on-page SEO and made some great suggestions about sensible changes that could be made. This showed me that he knows what he is doing when it comes to SEO and also this is a full service SEO Package and not just a “Here’s some links, the rest is your problem”.

2. Second, after receiving the report, I checked through a selection of the links, everything was present and correct, the report goes into lots of details about all of the link types that have been built. Everything is as per the features and everything is very good quality and well thought out.

3. Rank improvements - There were also excellent rank improvements to date. Keywords, I would say are mid competition and they are keywords with amazing buyer intent.

In summary, I am very impressed with this service and I would happily recommend it to anyone that wants a full SEO Package from someone that really knows what he is doing in SEO.

I was recommended to this service by a business associate of mine and I contacted him right away and bought the Platinum Package.

He not only delivered a detailed report but offered advices on how I could further grow my site and what mistakes should I correct in regards to off-page SEO. Overall, he is a decent and knowledgeable guy who clearly cares about his customers.

The way he carried out his service blew my mind away. I got updated several times throughout the process, and when I asked questions, they were answered within hours. I can just repeat myself that his customer service is top-notch!

On to the package:

1. The on-page SEO report is extremely detailed, with explicit explanations under every sections about why that factor is important.

2. The site architecture is basically content ideas along with titles, keywords and url structure to help you build content that makes your main article more relevant.

3. The unique articles were great, and the re-writes were clear and readable.

4. I haven’t checked every link in the report because I got a huge tons of them, but I like the ones I checked and he clearly put a lot of effort into this package.

This service is awesome to add rank authority to your site and the result is amazing so far. I will definitely order the Platinum Package again.

I bought the Platinum Package and I gotta say I’m very impressed with the results.

I gave him a difficult case, non-English site and very niche-specific keywords.

I received a very detailed report consisting of high quality blog links, quality web 2.0’s, press releases, article submissions, edu blogs, Web 2.0 profiles, infographics, artist portfolio, edu links and many more. All precisely detailed and accurate.

It has been a few weeks since it was delivered and I am already seeing awesome ranking improvements for my website. Most of my keywords are on Google Page One right now.

I can tell that there was effort put into every part of the this package. It is definitely not something automated. There is excellent value in the service and I think it is easily worth the money invested into this service.

Thank you for providing such a great SEO service and I wish you all the best with this excellent service.

I bought the Platinum Package.

I can say that I’ve previously heard good things about him and he knows his stuff, so I was delighted to give this service a try.

Well, first thing is the excellent communication throughout and I have been very impressed with the service from start to finish.

Often, sellers will take your money and then start work on the order, but he does a site audit prior to starting. This is great as it raises any potential issues from the outset. He makes suggestions to help with structure and also additional advice.

The resulting service delivers a good diversity of links including press releases, article submissions, 60 good quality web 2.0s which come with log in details and used mixed anchors, infographics, Youtube video and much more.

This is a great package for diversification because it is well put together and it is professional.

Would I order again? Yes, without a doubt.

I would like to give a review on this great SEO service. It was a full-service package, and I pointed six keywords to my site, a highly neglected affiliate site with a pretty solid keyword exact match dot-org. His communication throughout the entire process was impeccable.

After a few days, he sent over an SEO audit, which was one of the most comprehensive audits I’ve ever seen. I’m working on getting an assistant to make the requested and suggested changes to the site, using the audit itself as a template. Again, I was extremely impressed with this audit alone.

So the overall link package came with the following:

- 14 high quality blog links
- 60 quality web 2.0’s
- 5 press releases
- 30 article submissions
- 7 edu blogs
- 35 Web 2.0 profiles
- 15 infographics
- 10 artist portfolio links
- 33 edu links
- 10 brand mentions
- 11 blog comments
- 1 video submission
- 75 social bookmarking links
- 10 audio shares
- 10 document file submissions
- 10 social signals
- 6998 tier 2 links

I spot checked all links segments above. Every single link was still live. I ran a few of them through Copyscape and they all passed. Everything about this service was top notch. While the turnaround time might seem a bit long, don’t forget the IM Triangle: Quality, Quantity, Speed, Pick Two. With this package, you are getting quality and quantity without any doubt.

10/10, I would highly recommend to everyone who wants to rank their websites!

Almost forgot to recommend, AHREFS is currently showing massive increases in EVERY metric for my website after I’ve purchased the Platinum Package. Nothing else was done to the site for several months before this package was purchased. This has made me put a VA on this site project for two days a week. Thank you for this amazing SEO service!

By far the only SEO service that worked perfectly for me. My website was stuck on Google Page 2 for some time (4 months) but after using this SEO service, my website miraculously jumped to Spot #2 on Google Page 1 for a BIG keyword.

This is a medium to high competition keyword.

Definitely, this is a quality service and I have tried many other SEO services, but not a single one was like this one. I will order more very soon!

The support is awesome and he is such a great guy.

He also gave me a free on-page SEO analysis.

I don’t know what to say more about this service but it is certainly a Gold Mine. Start using this service and rank your website!

I bought two Platinum Packages. I received the reports and everything was looking really good!

He analysed both of my sites and gave me some amazing suggestions on what type of anchors should I choose, how is my current anchors profile, what are the weaknesses of my sites and how should I improve them.

This is what I liked the most, he actually checked my site carefully and not just gave me a software generated report like other sellers.

Web 2.0s, blog posts, infographics, video are all good. I can say that both my sites have started to move up in rank on Google search engine tremendously. This SEO service is definitely a much higher quality service than what most other sellers provide.

I will certainly buy more of the Platinum Packages very soon!

I bought the Platinum Package earlier this month. I go the reports on Friday. TAT was good and as described, communication was great, everything looks good!

There were a large number of links in this package, between 100 and 200, from a well diversified range of types, edu blogs, infographics, video, audio shares, Web 2.0, etc. Even though there were so many posts published, the content was unique as far as I could tell, and always on topic. The anchors used were well diversified in order to provide a natural distribution as you would expect from a quality service.

He not only provided the links, but he also sent an SEO on-page analysis of the site which gave a survey of the various possible areas of improvements.

My site’s ranking on Google has improved considerably so far and I can tell you that this is a quality SEO service and you will get great value by investing in this service.

I will definitely buy more in the near future!

I placed 2 orders for the Platinum Package a couple of weeks back. Here is my honest review having tried various SEO packages before.

He is an extremely patient guy. He is really passionate with what he does and takes care to understand his client. Literally, the best customer service that I have ever got from any purchases online.

Not only his SEO worked like magic - his advice on how I should improve my on page - how I should focus on factors that I was over looking since forever - all that is really PRICELESS.

I’ve placed 2 more orders with him once I got to know him. And the results are the BEST I’ve seen so far from any SEO providers online - and trust me - I’ve tried plenty.

One of my sites is in a SUPER competitive niche and the keywords are almost impossible to rank - I had no hope for this site - had tried half a dozen SEO packages before with no luck - but after I invested in the Platinum Package - that site finally started ranking - some amazing activity with the SERPs and I’m sure it is only gonna get better!

I will be placing orders forever and ever and I highly recommend this SEO service. His reports are on time - his work is clean and to the point - his advise is priceless and for the price he is charging it is really a steal.

More orders coming soon!

Once we start working on your campaign,
we can't issue any type of refund.

Yes, full report.

What is the TAT?
Since most submissions are manually made, the TAT is usually about 20-25 days.

Do you accept non english sites?
Yes, but the content we use will be in english.

How many URLs/ keywords per order?
Only 1 URL and up to 3 keywords per order for Gold Package
Up to 2 URLs (same domain) and 5 keywords per order for Platinum.

Can I use SEO Paragon on a brand new site?
Yes, SEO Paragon is designed for both brand new sites and old established sites

Do you accept Adult & Gambling sites?
We do accept Gambling but not Adult sites.

What type of content do you use?
We manually write 4-6 articles respectively for Gold and Platinum package, then re-write them together to create fully unique content for each properties. All content will be 100% unique.

How do I keep in touch with you?
You can contact us via Email or Skype.
Skype: almightyamazing

Do you provide full report?
Yes, we do.

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